How to make a price option

Hello. I am making an order app. There are different options here. For example, the prices for the Tiktok package are 5$ for 1000 pieces and 3$ for 1000 pieces for Instagram. How can I price them separately? In other words, when the user searches for Instagram, the category is selected as Instagram and the number is written and the price is determined for this piece. How can I set them separately. Separate prices for Instagram and Telegram for Tiktok.

Show us what you have done till now.

I just made the price system on the admin application and made a system to add social names. It saves on firebase. In the user application, when I type the social name in the text box and click the search button, the name they are looking for comes up, I just did these. But I couldn’t manage to add prices for individual social names

I wrote it there, but I don’t understand how to do it, it would be better if you show it as a block

No, it would be better and necessary if you explain what you actually intend to do and show YOUR blocks.

Also, decide in which forum you want to ask your question, i.e. where you want to create your app.
First answer this question!

I’m doing the application via niotron, but since the answer is late here, I asked from there.

What is late is a detailed explanation on your part.

I had an urgent need and asked there because I couldn’t find an answer here. Now I found the solution myself the easy way

If possible can you share yoir answer here? Which will be helpful for the users in future

I’m on mobile now, I’ll share when I turn on the computer soon

Yes, maybe if the users knew what it was actually all about.

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I will share in detail soon.