How to know compenion has disconnected during testing time

when compenion has disconnected how to know whenever compenion disconnect no any notififcation from compenion please fix it

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If you want to know that companion is connect then just do one thing check in test are you able to refresh screen or not if not then companion is connected and
If you are able to refresh then companion is connected Simple

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that is not simple that is very irritating bcz who will check again and again to test components .

just make it simple whenever compenion dsconnect then compenion app closed otherwise show notification that your compenion has been disconnected please connect it again just lke kdlr

Ok need this like that of [email protected]

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yes tell your team and ceo

Like this you need popup Message that companion has disconnected

yes hfcff we need this

Ok I am tagging @Krish and @Souvik as I am also thinking this will be a required feature and should be there please check this post:- Post


what is this make it only 10 characters


I don’t know why

Well anyways wait @Re-vision_point till there is any response by the respected staff

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In niotron when companion goes disconnected then a message of disconnection came.

This is already added but it’s have some problem so now it’s temporary removed but it will added soon :wink: