How to enable gif in my peoject

Dear Team, How to added gif image in my project…?

Block Images(if Any)

AIA OR APK(if Any)

If you wanna add gif file in your project then -

  1. Import a .gif file
  2. Add a image component in your project
  3. After adding image component, select the .gif file from the selection menu.

Now you are done with it :wink:

Thank You
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Dear Sir, Assets not upload gif file.


Buddy, we can upload it

Upload done but showing image mode not showing gif mode.

Have you selected the gif file from here?


Dear Sir,

How to work image in gif mode…?

Try y fast then share me answer.

hey have u try urself first ?? image component doesn’t support .gif file do some research or then reply on a topic.


Yes you are right @im_neodeveloper

@myTech_Trips There are some ways to do this

  1. Using lottie Component
    You can concert the give to lottie json fike and then use it

  2. Using web viewer
    You need to convert your gif tl base64 file and then load. It on web viewer

See this, it works

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export the apk or connect it with companion