How to display images from an offline app

i made a offline app but there an issues images are doesn’t show . all images linked with HTML files.

i used following method .


i also use Taifun Tools extension but it’s doesn’t work…

however its worked on companion mode but when i tried apk, images doesn’t show only HTML files displaying…

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@Devendra_Singh Please can you share me your aia in personal i want to check your html file

This is exampe of that file.
its working fine on companion mode but doesn’t work in when i made apk file.

example.aia (109.1 KB)

BTW i have another problem i used some background images but they are blurry… my images are 1080x1920 and i also changed pixels but problem is still.

thanks in advance…

for this check this

i’ll already tried. but nothing happend…

Upload your image to and set that form the direct link

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this is an offline app

Just edit your HTML file and enter image URI code

<img src="Enter Your URI Code Here">

Image to URI


@Devendra_Singh try this aia it worked i edited your html file
example.aia (109.5 KB)

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btw background images are still blur.

but really thanks to you to solved html images issue…

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