How to add custom fonts in our app

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Use can add custom font in our app
help me
how to add

what u r talking about ? i didn’t understand :zipper_mouth_face:

my app user can add fonts in my app to change text style

u cant set it dynamic from firebase or from airtable u have to upload fonts in assets than only it will work

how to upload font in assets

how u upload images in assets ? :zipper_mouth_face:

i want to upload font in assets when apk live

bro i think u r talking about ur user can select their own font from his file manager and u have to show that font in ur app isn’t ?


you right …

hm…i didn’t test it so i cant say that its works or not and how its works sry for that.
wait for someone is they know they will reply u



Upload Font On your Assets & copy the name set your block

what a reply sir :clap: :clap:
first read all the reply than reply someone