How Much Day To Lunch Api 31

How much day to lunch

Within few days it will be available in the beta server


Will we get a notification when it’s time?

Yes, we would create a community topic and update the change logs.


It’s available in the beta server now.


Im using Facebook audience network, Now how to resolve this?

It’s not an issue, you can ignore it, Also we are not targeting Android 13

Ok! Today’s im updated my app on morning 11:30 Am, Now 31 in supported now then what i should do? Can i Re Update my app again?

You can, but since it’s on beta server I won’t suggest to do it immediately.

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Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

how can i access beta server?

if i build a app on enabled) then i want to make api level 30 to 31 in monetize enable) {same app} then how can i upload app to play store?

Both the beta and builder should have shared premium plans. You do not have to pay anything extra.

ohh i see!! :sweat_smile:

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Can we upload same project aia from to ? I tried to do that but it’s not allowing. It’s showing an error. Please check the attached screenshot.

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Delete assets and upload

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When upload to Google play console error:

You have downloaded an APK file or a set of Android App Bundle with an activity object, an object alias, a service, or a broadcast receiver with an intent filter, but without the android:exported property set. This file cannot be installed on a device with Android version 12 or higher. To learn more, go to Behavior changes: Apps targeting Android 12 | Android Developers

(Blank APK, no modules, no push)

In Beta Saver App Build But Not Open. and AIA Not import In Beta Version. Problem In Beta Saver.

Delete assets in AIA, then import to beta.

Beta server build APK success , but it can’t install on android12. Androidmanufest.XML has wrong format.