How Long Beta Server Downtime?

All my new main project is on beta server. Because previously recommended to move to beta server to getting updated sdk etc. Better to announce thing like this at least 1 week before. So people can backup the project because people not open the community everyday.

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Beta Server is Supposed to be Unstable, but the update should be out in a day or 2

2 days have passed and still no change

It’s already the 3rd day

5th day and still no change

Hi @Fauzan, just to clarify, I am only a moderator and not a member of the Niotron team. Therefore, you should direct your question to the Niotron team.

@Fauzan Same case here i asked the team but there is no response

You said the same thing to me for the niotron update, but we have been waiting for weeks to make a mobile application with niotron, I check the niotron every day and there is no change.

I think Mr. @abhijith made a typo error. Maybe it’s day 100 or 200

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
/Just kidding

When beta server is online…
Many project are there

Better to wait more than get a new update with bugs :grin:

Could you please bring the beta server back online? My main project on it, and I need to update my app, but the beta server is currently not functioning. I kindly request you to fix this issue.

sorry I missed something, but why u guys using beta server?

Because beta server have updated monetization component

The staff can only promise and until now after months nothing has happened as promised.