How can earn many ! with google play using niotron

how can earn many with google play using niotron

Well, this depends on a lot of factors, and there are a lot of ways.

  1. Ads. There are a lot of components for you to put ads in your app, and offer different amounts of revenue. Beware that you should not put too much of them in your app, or else it will make the interface lag and make users exit your app.

  2. In-app purchases. If you’re making a game, or an education app, you can unlock rewards or premium features using in-app purchases. You can also make a “remove ads” item so that users will spend a one-time fee (often 1 USD) to disable ads forever.

But, most of all, focus on the content of your app first. It would be worth it if you invested a lot of time in making your app, creating a masterpiece and earning a few bucks out of it. However, if your purpose to make apps is only to make money and not to help your users, creating an “earning app” with nothing special, I can assure you that you will earn less or even none.