[Guide] Force to disable dark mode in your app!

Hello guys my name is Avijit,
And today i am showing you. how to you can force to disable in dark mode in your app.
Dark mode is a very major problem for light UI/UX. So lets start our today tutorial.

Step 1

Open your app in APK Editor Studio

Step 2

Go to res/values/ Folder

Step 3

Open styles.xml File

Step 4

Copy all data and paste in notepad

Click Ctrl+f To find text in notepad

Step 5

Find <style name="AppTheme" parent=" Tag

Step 6

Copy <item name="android:forceDarkAllowed">false</item> This code and paste it in Style tag

Now copy all data from notepad and come apk editor studio and paste all data.
Now save it and save your apk file and install it in your phone

Useful Links
Sign apk from @anke
Use apk editor from @consoleheretohelp

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Thanks for sharing this. But kindly perform the above demo on apps made on Niotron. Also, update screenshots too.

:warning: I’m unlisting this topic till then!

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I will adding soon

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@tanishraj No edit option

Try now, made it a wiki post.

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An alternative to it :

I think it doesn’t Work with every component 🥲