Getting Incorrect Data From Firebase Until i Clicked Two Times

Hi Niotron Koders, I’m just creating a Live tv App that has two sections Live Section and the All channels Section and I’m using Firebase As Database. The problem is when I click a section I got Incorrect Data from firebase Until I clicked 2 times then the correct data comes. I tried almost 3 weeks but couldn’t find a solution but it works fine when I use other builders. So is it a firebase component bug or its just my blocks?. Thanks.

Demo video Showing the Problem:

These are my Blocks

I can send anyone Aia in DM if you need to recheck my blocks

hi conor till now you can use this method as data is correctly showing after 2nd click
just do like this

Properties of Clock

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Thank you for this trick.

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no problem i will contact krish and tell him to resolve the firebase error as soon as possible and also if you need any help in future just message

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