Getting error after using admob

Hi… i build my one app it having 4 screen and i am using dynamic card view tooo …my block code like this
In screen 1 i am fetching data from Airtable and showing in dynamic card view …and if anyone click dynamic card view so it will send user to next screen2 with some start values

Before admob component
So before using admob component it working everything correctly like i want

Bt after using admob component i am getting error in screen 1 it showing ads no issues with ads but if i am clicking dynamic component it sending to next screen2 bt getting error
Runtime error
Length=1 index=1

This above error getting only first time of using app then if i closed app and again i will open then it working fine no error i am getting after that …I don’t know wt to do …i work on this app more then 2 months in last i am getting error how to solve this
Is this dynamic component problem or anything else

I clear cache and data then again same error then after closing and again’ using then no error getting

@Abhishek_Rawat Please share your blocks