[FREE] Unlock Key Extension

Hey, This is my first Extension :blush: : Unlock Key
Special Thanks To @tanishraj for helping me out.U


Unlock Key is a tool to securely decode the Keys of API/Secret of database which you have encoded using our service.


Get Actual KeyThis block will call the Actual api/secret/token etc which you have encoded

How its Works

I am going to encode the test text to show you. Enter your api/secrect/token after ?newkey= like this :arrow_down:


After that you will get the encoded text like this :arrow_down:

and use Obfuscated text or normal text and enter the encoded text here than its ready now u can set this for api/secret/token anything :heart: it will automatically call the actual text which you have encoded using our service. :blush:


Aix- com.UnlockKey.aix (6.6 KB)

Visit this url : https://get-url.in/keygenerator/encode.php?newkey=
to generate key

Thank You :india: :heart:


Yeh, great extension Thanks for this

Continue like this

Did you know how to create video player extenison ?

If you know than please teach me.

Bharat Android app Development

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Sry I don’t have idea about video player Extension i m new on this

can it safe my firebase database?

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Yes…1000% check urself bro…m already checked this m make a app and m try to decompiling but m failed m not get the token,url :muscle::ok_hand:

But How I Used This.
When i use this I got this type of error

Please Help me

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Your’e doing wrong… Use this
https://get-url.in/keygenerator/encode.php?newkey=(PUT YOUR APIKEY) in a url format, and load it… then copy the result key string, and paste it on the string block.

if u are not understating PM me i will provide aia file or video

This is not from Niotron. If you’re using some other platform you should ask in their community.


Bro this is wrong :expressionless:🤦🤦🤦🤦
Watch the video (In Hindi)

Also the error is from package name i think so…
Check once or give me the aia file

Can you pm me i want to talk something personal with you please

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This extension work with php file which is uploaded to your hosting but in future if you close your hosting then what we will do ?

Its not connected with my hosting i m using hosting php for just encode… decode is fully automatic by the extension that’s why its run without internet