[FREE] Email OTP Verification[UNLIMITED]


Hi today i m going to share that i m giving Free Custom Email OTP Verification[UNLIMITED] for everyone to help.
note: i m not getting anything from this :slightly_smiling_face:

Any Day/Month/Year Limit To Use ?

No…u can use this on ur any app where u make signup with email also its Unlimited its not like firebase :sweat_smile:

How You Make This ?

i m using PhpMailer & some Php files to make this.

Extension & Blocks


You will get it here : [FREE] Unlock Key Extension


Aia File/Apk Download

Email_OTP_VerificationNio.aia (10.1 KB)
Email_OTP_Verification (1).apk (4.0 MB)


can you tell or share the php file so we can so use this in our app

U didn’t need php to use it on ur app