Force Stop - Kill / Close Other Apps

Force Stop - Kill / Close Other Apps

It can close/kill the background running app and it helps to free up the device ram and increase device performance

something like this : All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner – Apps on Google Play

blocks (56)


component_method (34)

StartServiceForceStop: This block will close the app by using Force stop method

IsServicePermissionGranted: This block will return true if permission is granted

component_method (32)

AskForServicePermission: This block will ask for permission

SetServiceOnOrOff: You can On and Off the service. By default service is false you need to set true before calling StartServiceForceStop.

SetBackToApp: You can set interval time by default the time is 4000 (4 sec), After 4 seconds it will return to your app.

component_event (20)

OnError : This block will trigger if any error occurs

Demo video

Extension is paid

To buy pm me

UPI or PayPal

I made this type of extension on someone request


It’s not useful, you need to close all apps in your app automatically, get list of running apps then close it one by one,
Your method is not useful we can open app setting to close the particular app No need to use extension… Appreciate your work :heart:


You mean doing by your hands

Well, extension can do without your hands :slightly_smiling_face: (programmatically)

Video block:

It can be done :point_down:

Most of the device optimization tool nowadays, does the same thing as extension can do.

That’s why I mention this application as the example.

I don’t think so it is useless.

@Tech_lab You haven’t used any device utility tool.

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Hmmm good :heart:

Does Google allow to use packages permissions? We need to provide a video to Google why we are using packages permissions

Great work @Shreya :+1:t2::+1:t2:
Well done!!! :partying_face::partying_face:

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@Tech_lab Did i mention somewhere? it require package permission?

Extension does not use the package permission.

thank you :heart:

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Hello @Tech_lab,
This is not accepted behaviour on the community, people are contributing here for your help not for their favor, you should appreciate them instead of saying these kind of hurting words, I’m also an Extension Developer, we have to make a lot of efforts even to make a single block extension.



Congratulations, another great job!

How can I have this extension? Can you chat me? I didn’t find your chat column.

is your extension can kill foreground app too ?
or only background one ?

I think this extension is only for the background services as the owner mentioned it and maybe it can do for the foreground also you have ask the owner for that