Firebase core component failed to initialize niotron

when i click on button it show error firebase core component failed to initialize
please help me


Please check the following points in your project:-

  1. You have imported a JSON file or filled all the details in the core component

  2. Your package name is the same on firebase and Niotron along with Keystore

  3. You have enabled the Google Login


yes all are down

Can you share me your aia ?

writing.aia (456.6 KB)
here is aia

Ok I will check it and tell you

i am waiting

@gurmeet_singh please recheck yout client I’d
Problem can be there too

please see my aia file, first thing is firebase core not initialize and i check my clint id and its right,
i think its problem with niotron component ,i try extention for email login and its work,

Ok I’ll check it

i am waiting!

upload json file, problem solve

i already upload

@gurmeet_singh sorry for the delay i checked your aia everything seems to be fine i think you should remake a project on firebase and try again