Firebase auth compile error

created a project it compiled well but when I add firebase auth

and @niotron do that soon

Did you used firebase core component ? With all the credentials ?

no,er2.JPG i used

along with .json,blocks -dint work
created empty project with firebase auth - dint work
both shows error i think firebase auth component has error
solve soon i trust niotron builder for all apps

You need to use the firebase core component too. Its necessary to use


then i have a good feeling that i could

so what I need to do with that firebase core what detail

Open the .json file and get the details and use it in the core component

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is storage bucket required

Yes. All are required

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will reply soon also see my other query what is client id

You will get everything on the json file. Have a look

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where can i get this

all thinks i gave in firebase core is right

it gets value properly and displays

my program is like

the client id will be what i type

tried both the blue client id (in text box)
what is this what have i done wrong

storage bucket can be anything you want database url will be in json file

“Database_url”: “”,