Features Request


As you have read the title for feature request

Features like :-

  1. Any better notification server than one signal(you can create niotron’s push notification services :grin: :grin:)

  2. Voice and Video callings(as we can get some free api’s)

  3. Chat views(much much better than anyother builder)

  4. Add one background function (to run components in background)

  5. Multiple list view (list views like thunk… in that user can create different custom list views )

  6. Double click option in arrangements

  7. Did image component show .gif formates(try if possible it will be better than other extensions)

  8. Add dark colour for community :blush: :blush:

  9. Circular progress bar is looking like camera view but shows circular progress bar in companion and app

  10. Generate keystore by its own

  11. Custom snackbar

  12. Add on recieve block in ‘on screen recieve’ (like when recieve image,text,file etc)

  13. Niotron’s own emulator with advance and latest mobile preview for mac,linux and windows

  14. Live testing on phone just by sign in with the same email id on phone or emulator without scanning Qr codes

  15. Builder background to custom images of user

  16. Side menu for preview(tutorials for begginers like hello world app , Basic calculator )

  17. Custom notifier with animation on top and bottom and center(if want then in right and left)

  18. Colour on click arrangements(ripple effect), long click, double click(count click) , full clickable

  19. Password textbox text formate to(XXXXX) looks better than Dots

  20. Cameraview with take photo, record video etc(with customizable)

  21. Sim number in device info with parting code and mobile number

  22. Fingerprint sensor

  23. App lock sensor(by this we can create different app lock like in latest there is time lock or date lock )

  24. Overlay component

  25. Different notification style as component

  26. Set dynamic extension by yusufchain as component

  27. File picker with detector(sensor) as image, audio,video or documents etc

  28. On click sensor for pressing home and recent button

  29. IOS builder :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

  30. Add a loading notifier on when any project click

  31. In app contact editor or save contact to sim or google contacts

  32. In app mail sender as a component

  33. Screen sharing services

  34. Get user info like name , bio etc followers etc in Facebook login

  35. Run niotron apps in background

Just imagin nioton with this features we can

Hope you like my suggestions and sorry if i have posted any wrong suggestion


Thanks for your feedback

This feature is already there in our building since the beginning.

Not like that without connecting to qr codes when user sign in with same account then the list of products can be shown then when user click on any project it shows preview

I am having examples but it is of another builder so I can’t post here

Did animation component work for custom notifier component ?
I haven’t tried yet just asking

@tanishraj’s chatview extension was good

Use beautify component


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Please Add Responsible Splash Screen For every Different size screen.

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