Excessive use of HTTP Warning

I received this warning. The App has tough a web component and a webviewer component but the urls are https not http.

It has also a map component (OpenStreetMap). Could it be the reason for http usage?

And whatabout the survey? Should I fill it?
-i can not give the link, because it is a private form.

go to settings

click on first option

and scroll down and disable the clear text

uncheck the check box and export the aab


Thank you very much.
I will do it now.

When I disable the cleartext it can not load the map.

http.aia (1.1 KB)

This is a very big problem. It means we can not use the map component. I think Niotron can do nothing to solve this.

What do you think, is there any way to rewrite the map-component?

Google Maps functions flawlessly. There is no connection between the clear text property and the Maps component.

Did you try the aia file? Obviously OSM component does not work when cleartext disabled.

Everything is operating as it should.

Sure, and it runs without a hitch.

I dont understand, perhaps you see the cached map tiles from older usages. please watch my screenrecording. cleartext : unchecked