Error while uploading to playstore

While uploading a new update, I am getting following error


I have not changed anything on the app itself to capture these information. The only thing I know uses this is Firebase analytics.

This is new. Anyone else facing similar scenario?

Appreciate any help in this regard.


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This issue came up only in Beta environment after upgrade.

Few Permissions were changed in some components. We will check if its necessary and do the changes.

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i am also facing same error
below is my scenario

to make it api level 33 i need to use beta server
if i use beta server i am getting the same above issue
and now by both i am not able to publish/update app.

there are tight deadlines sir
like before 31 aug need to update api level and the above thing too.
hope niotron team does the needful at their best
thank you.
please do reply to this thread and try to send emails regarding changes to all accounts or all subscribed accounts

I was able to extend the deadline to November 2023. There is an option in playstore.

And used builder to release sdk 32 itself without any issue.

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please guide me the steps to upgrade it at api level 32
i mean is android 12 same as api level 32 ??

Its not a tight deadline, nothing will happen to your app on 31st August, you can update it later as well, but when you update it needs to have the newer target sdk

You can export from beta and import the aia to builder and create the apk from there.

Also, you can extent the deadline playstore.

I would strongly advise against it as it can corrupt your projects since the beta version (most time) will be ahead of the main builder, Always make sure you have a backup of your aia before you transfer your Production Applications.

That is true. I did test all scenarios

please check this link
i tried above thing

please check this

now the scenario is that the app is not working in mobile but in tab with lower android it works
so is that the case that it wont work in devices with android 13 / api 32 or 33 but work in android 12 and below 1??

check your dm