Error from companion width cannot be less than the twice of the track size

Companion error what does it mean?

Please show us some of your work which can be predicted to be causing error

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@Sumayya_Khamis Please send us some screenshots of the error.

Owk i will do that soon.
Till last night i get multiple error some were not there before

If you will share the screenshots we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible

Because i dont know the error where come from, I will explain the entire project.

  1. I was made the primary function of app from screen1 than i copy screen 1 to 2 so as to change the screen one to be a splash screen.
  2. No error from screen one.
  3. All error appear in screen 2.

Design screen shoot

This are main block list from screen initialize to image position 1 loaded

When i connect to companion I get this error

When I test in physical device android 7 and android 10. I get this error(Note i disable notifier component so as to get clear seen of screen error)

This error make me notice about firebase database on get data i chech it several times and test into a different project the settup working on other test project but fail in main project

This error like in companion above.

I have set all ads to be in test mode but they dispaly real ads. I have check several time still remain as you see.

So i need your help?

And on the Android versions you don’t get this error?
If so, that actually doesn’t make any sense.

Post a simple test aia that replicates the problem.

This project is not editing, any change are not saved on screen 2 only.

1-Error some are not make sense.
2-I have put firebase not get any data which is the main function

I am thinking to start from scratch again