Dynamic components gridview error

Hello actually i created Dynamic gridview (2 column)app , and while i am giving random number value in “For Each number from” blocks then it working perfectly without any error …but while i am connecting this to airtable then it showing me error that percent value should be between 0 to 100 i don’t know where is the problem…

2 Method i used to show value in gridview but both the method giving same error

If i am giving random number in each number in from -to section it working fine ! Bt after
connecting this block in to then getting error IMG_20220103_004747|690x189

My block for showing value in gridview
Processing: IMG_20220103_003046.jpg…

Airtable blocks

Error getting it closings app automatically after showing notice

Check your desing part or “design view” blocks where you are designing the view. There is an error with height or width. You can set height or width of any component in percent between 0 to 100. I think you have set it to above 100 percent.

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Okay i will check again my blocks

Thanks it working now

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