DownloadHelper Etension Help

I am using the customwebview extension with its downloadhelper extension and whenever I use it to download a file, it get succesfully downloaded in android>data>package name
even if I have set the directory to /storage/0/emulated/Download/. Have tried many other directoried but no luck. It just creates them to this directory: android>data>package name.
ex android>data>package name>storage>0>emulated>Download. Any help with that? Hope you understand, thanks in advance!!

if you want the file in download folder then simply use downloader component

or if you want to use extension then you have to move the file after download i guess

I will try both solutions. Thanks for the answer!

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Actually it works! Is just that I didn’t get any notification (which I am gonna add one), and secondly it didn’t show up in my gallery but its in the download directory. Thanks for that!

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