Do we have option to copy an element?

Do we have an option to copy the styling of an element or copy the whole element with its child elements? If not then it would be great to add such a feature.

You mean copy a text

You mean to copy component?
If yes then you can by ctrl + c & ctrl + v


@Kshitij If you want to copy an element (Say Button) then first select the button by clicking it then (Press Ctrl+C ) and to paste it (Press Ctrl+V)
Here is a Video :-


It should be -
Ctrl + V

I think :thinking: .

Ctrl + P will print the page.

@Aquib_Khan Thanks i have simply written P for Paste in Flow Flow :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


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Thanks Brother… It Works

No problem @Kshitij if you need any help you can message anytime :love_you_gesture:


I am not getting option of DM. Why? @Aditya-Developer185i



Let me ask staff member

I guess it is due to the Trust Level… Which is Low for me… Since I joined few days back… Anyways it won’t take me much time to get TL3 and Proton… Hehe and Thx again for help!


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No problem you can make a new topic for help anytime

When you are member then you are able to send dm
If you do jot believe then see here Member badge on Niotron Community read carefully

Not Sure Why! I Can’t Send DMs

When you are member then you are able to send dm

Member badge …

Because your trust level is low.

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that is exactly what i mentioned earlier? i guess this is now getting #off-topic

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