Companion Not Connect Bug

I got this issue from last 1 month.
Companion not connect while using VI internet on my mobile but it works well when I Use JIO internet,

I checked it from last 1 month…
Please solve it ASAP

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I have been having the same problem today, it has given me on many occasions connection error, I have literally been able to connect using VPN on the phone.

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Hello, @Pradyumansinh_Jadeja Have You Tried Reinstalling It?

I tried, But not work


I have the same problem, i “fix” my problem with Speedify VPN in my phone (Germany Option). Try

@Pradyumansinh_Jadeja I have spoken by telegram with the CTO of Niotron and he has explained to me that the problem could be due to the internet provider that is not resolving the connection well, he recommended using Cloudfare VPN in WARP mode and so far he has It worked perfectly, I can say that I have not faced the problem we had for a single moment. Try it and see if this could be a stable solution for those of us with the same problem in the community. Cheers

Can I Use Another VPN? I Already have VEEPN vpn installed in my pc.

If I don’t use VPN on my computer I only use it on my mobile, very important with other VPNs, even paid ones, I’ve had problems, with Cloudfare in WARP mode so far it’s hyper stable

Ohk. Let me try VPN on Mobile and Gives you report soon regarding this issue.
thanks for support

It is a pleasure to help you

@Pradyumansinh_Jadeja, I will suggest you to use Google or Cloudflare DNS.