Can I move blocks between projects using the backpack?

Hi coders.

I am writing this as I have a project which I am copying manually by choice. Now, when moving my blocks from one project to another, it is not possible through the backpacker (apparently in Niotron does not work). That said, I thank you in advance for your suggestions.

What browser do you use? Sometimes Adblockers oder other Extensions disables your browser cache and make it impossible to use the backpack. However I did experiences the same sometimes.

Hi @DedSec00, I am currently using Google Chrome, it has multiple extensions including an ad blocker. I also tried Google Chrome in incognito and Firefox, apparently none of these have solved the problem, any ideas.

Hi @Kuantum_Dev, how are you? Well, I once had to do that, and I was able to solve it, I don’t know if it’s the best way but I’ll share with you what I did:

Export the two projects to your computer by pressing the “Download” button:


You will have the two projects like this:

Now create a copy of each and change the .aia extension to .rar (I assume you have WinRAR installed)
Like this:

If you try to open the RAR file you will normally see 3 folders, follow the following path:
project_a.rar > scr > com > niotron > [your_email] > [your_appname]

You will see something like this:

Now open the other RAR file and do the same

If the screen names of both projects are different you can simply select those two files (.bky and .scm) and drag them to the other project. Otherwise change the names and then drag them.

You should have something like this in just 1 .rar file

At this point you can close everything and now rename the WinRAR file and replace .rar by .aia

You can import that AIA to niotron and in the best case you will have a project with the 2 screens you need. When you try to go to the second screen, most likely an error will appear but don’t pay attention to it, the idea is just to copy the blocks and then delete that screen.

To copy the blocks from one screen to another you can use the Backpack, I think it’s the only way.

And that’s it, I hope that helps.


Hi @Mark, it’s perfect. I had already had to manipulate a project using Winrar or 7Zip to copy screens, but I would never have thought of using this to copy blocks. That said, I thank you and then mark your answer as a solution.

I’m glad for that, thank you! :smile:

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