[BUG] Unable to Select any component

Today While Creating app, I Face This Issue.
I’m not able to select any components, I Got Error.
I Already Refresh Page, Disconnect and Reconnect Companion But Got No Result.

See Below Video for more Information:

Hope Got Result Soon.

This problem for all projects or this project onley??

I tried only for 1 project.

@Pradyumansinh_Jadeja When you encounter a similar problem, kindly click “OK” to send the report file to the Niotron team so that we can fix it.

Do you still see the error now?
If yes, try on another browser or clear cache data of builder site and also log out and log in again. Thanks


I Found That This Error only Appear on Screen Which is Copied (Copy Screen).
I Delete That Screen and Create Another one. I Never face this issue again.

For the report, I’m grateful. @Pradyumansinh_Jadeja

Thank You Sir for Take Attention on this Bug.

Hope Niotron Resolve this Issue Soon.

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