[Bug] Polfish Component Error

I just tested my app, and instantly closes. This is happening because of Niotron latest update.

For the record, we are using Unity and Pollfish

Problem is found in Polfish ComponentPost 5

@MakeMoneyOnline What new have you done? or if you hadn’t added anything new then please try to get logs of your application using log cat

Please post the apk file if you still cant figure out the logs

I am sending link to download the apk file. You may need to register, and after that instantly the app crashes/closes. Already tested in many different devices, same.

We haven’t made any changes in the source code. It was working perfectly, before the latest Niotron update.



We figured the issue is from Pollfish. Completely removed it from the app, and now we can successfully logging.
But another issue now is that Unity Ads with SDK 4.0.0 are not showing at all.

Please show your blocks here

@iAditya-Nanda I think the category of the topic should be #discuss not #bugs

Blocks are correctly, ads were successfully shown before Niotron released the new Unity SDK

This is right that the apps are immediately closing and crashing after the app is opened. It’s happening after Niotron’s new Update. Same app was working perfect before Niotron’s latest update. I have not changed anything in the code still it’s crashing after this update. Please fix this issue.

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I am new to this . I did try to build an app but it is not getting properly build. Can anyone tell me what am I missing?
Also, Niotron companion version 2.5 is not working with my projects. Is it with me only or anyone also having same problem?
Adding my apk file , if anyone can help.

Appfinal.apk (4.4 MB)


I can confirm our app is not building and yes we did use Pollfish. The first day we removed pollfish, we were able to build our app and crash was not happening due to the pollfish component, but ever since we are unable to build the same app with removed pollfish component.
For the record we are able to build another version of the app, that still have the pollfish component ( not making any changes in it yet)

I get this message when trying to build the apk

See the logs duplicate declaration
Please check if there are 2 two same blocks with a red cross then remove one of them to solve the problem

Any news when we can expect Pollfish and Unity Ads to be fixed ?

I guess on new update