Bug In Google Admob

Recently I created an App and use Google Admob Ads for it, I tested it using companion and its work fine
but when I test it after export, it gonna crash, Only Those screen in which I use Admob is crashed,
later, I remove admob and try again…and Surprisingly, It works.

So its my humble request to team to solve this error or bug ASAP

@Pradyumansinh_Jadeja post some screen recording that will help us

Yes same issue, may be some server issue or some block not saved… This happened in my one app others is working without admob bugs

Here is Video. I added AdMob in NUMBER Screen.

Working In My App
Can You Show Your Block Setup

Bro, I removed blocks.
Will You Please Show me Your Blocks?

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Contact Me On Telegram

Please post your blocks here in the community for everyone to learn

I Am Using Simple Blocks
blocks - 2022-11-02T073247.068

blocks - 2022-11-02T073359.765

blocks - 2022-11-02T073401.532

I am Using the Clock As Splash Timer

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Check this solution

You are Right Bro. I Never Use That Component.

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