Bug in Custom Alert Dialog Component

Today I Try my App on 2 Different Devices. I Got Both Different Result.
I Got an Issue in Custom Alert Dialog Component.

I Think this is a BUG. Here I post result which I got from 2 Devices.

Screenshot removed by mod.
This is 1st Mobile’s Result (Whic I Use to connect companion)

This is 2nd Mobile’s Result

Notification show at Bottom.

If this isn’t BUG, Please help me to solve this issue.

Thank you

On creating a notifier the position of dialogue is at bottom, Dialogue is not displaying in the center, I found this issue only in samsung devices, for other devices its working normally, the dialogue position is also for alpha dialogue extension on creating a dialogue with extension it is also displaying at bottom, I have tested on real device and also on the emulator the issue remains the same, attaching a video and a sample aia.
notifier_bug.aia (1.7 KB)

and also in unity interstitial and rewarded ads initialization complete block is not working

This was reported yesterday by another person too:

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Yes Bro. I Got this issue on Samsung Mobile Only

For confirmation I tried on 2 different physical devices but got same result and also I tried in old samsung phone j7 max but results were same

I Also Tried on 2 Devices but in all Samsung Devices I Face This issue. Run Smoothly and Perfectly on Other Devices

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