Back to phone home screen Extension ( My first Extension)

Screenshot 2021-08-23 at 16-51-40 Niotron

Screenshot 2021-08-23 at 16-51-18 Niotron

By using this extension you can go to home menu of your phone and also keep the app runing at the same time.

Build in Niotron IDE.
com.mj.backtohome.aix (5.4 KB)

Go_home(1).apk (4.6 MB)



Nice extension
Please write OpenPhoneScreen on GoHomeScreen


Is your laptop ok now ?

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Yes, my laptop is ok

So did you start to create extension Bottom navigation.

Yes I start from tommorow


Hey there is no import for meow bottom navigation on that website

Nice extension, keep it up :heart_eyes:

Wow Dear Nice To See This. Good

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Congrats for the first extension @MJ_BUNNY_T.V we hope u will create more helpful extension in future :heart:


As your first extension this is insane!
Congratulations for your first extension :tada: :confetti_ball:

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Thats why I asked you to learn basics, you jump seem to do a big jump

You can easily see imports by :

Using Intellij Idea
Open Library from Winrar
See Demo Apk mentioned in the Repo


Good test extension :+1:

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I think you have comment in wrong post.

This extension is not working… If any user has tested it then share your experience

So you are trying to say, this extension dont take you to phone desktop/home.

Yes…some erro showing

ok i will update it in 1 min. and also provide aia

Test_gohome.aia (5.8 KB)

Back2home(4).aix (5.4 KB)

If I press Home button of the app or in my mobile home button, it is working fine. But if I press back button it exits and when I rendered the app it starts from 100.

I think you can set the same rule for back press also.