App is not installing after exporting from Builder

Hello, Niotron team. Thank you for adding Target SDK version 31 (Android 12) to the stable builder i.e. but after exporting the Apk file from the builder, the app is not installing in mobile phones having Android 12 version. I think this is happening because of some extension that I have used in my app. I checked the Manifest file of the app and saw that those extensions were not declared as android:exported=“true”. Those were declared as android:exported=“false”. Is this the reason for the app not getting installed ? I think this is a serious issue. What should be done to solve this ?

I have used the below extensions:

  1. GoodV
  2. Taifunclipboard
  3. Draco
  4. Recyclerlist
  5. Mysql database extension by Deephost
  6. Hackprotect
  7. kevinkunenhance
  8. Randomgenerator

This is the error while installing the app

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Btw, targetSdkVersion = 31 (Android 12).

of course i meant that (TargetsdkVersion= 31 = Android 12). But my question is different.

And you got my answer in post #2.

I understand that the extension developers should modify/fix their extensions to make those compatible as per Android 12 changes. But no one knows when each developer will fix their extensions. This Android 12 update (targetSDK 31) update from Google brings a lot of troubles and so many errors for everyone.

After this update by Niotron, the app is not storing the Read & Write External storage permissions even if the user Allows the permissions when he opens the app for the first time. The app auto denies those permissions when he opens the app again and the app doesn’t start because of that. The app freezes on the Screen 1. This issue is related to this post.

Okay thank you. can we add android:exported=‘true’ on the manifest as well for the extensions ? And any solution for this issue on Android 12?

Yes, of course.

This is the solution.

App crashes even after this.

You most likely forgot something or made a mistake.
Post the APK.

BottomNavigation_src.apk (5.5 MB)

No issue with that on Android 12.
Post a screenshot of the error.

No, this is not the solution for that issue. The app is still not allowing the read and write external storage permissions. I have modified the manifest and have added android:exported=“true” to all the <intent-filter…

The app is working fine when we start the app for the first time but the app freezes on Screen 1 when we close the app and restart the app.

Error is Firebase not Initialized

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Of which issue?
Obviously yours is a different issue unrelated to the topic.

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Does it work on Android < 12?

But, I mentioned my issue details clearly and you said “this is the solution”. I actually wrote my two issue details as you can see above. So I don’t understand how to solve it

There may be another permission related error / bug.

And again:

The app was working fine. This issue was not arising on either android 12 or lesser versions but after this latest Niotron update, this issue is arising on Android 12 and lesser versions as well.