APK Live Play Store But Facebook ADS Not Show

My Application Live On Play store But Why Ads Not Show, Requested Ads Show? please solve this.

Maybe you did any mistake in blocks. show your blocks because it’s working fine for me.

No it’s not any block Issue and nor it’s Niotron Issue. I also face same Issue with my one account that I recently created and only placement ID status is showing requesting ads & requesting ads and in my that account Ads space feature is not given and I already mailed fb team for this issue.

But I am facing this issue in my new account only not in old account.

Hope @MD_SB you also facing same issue, if yes then tell me.

My old app blocks same that working fine. I creat this new app but faceing this problm.

Yes i am facing this issue . I think this is NIOTRON FACEBOOK SDK issue.

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No it’s not sdk issue.

I also facing same Issue and waiting for fb’s team reply

As I said before that this is Issue of FB not Niotron because my old apk working fine with old audience network account.

I am also use old Facebook network. old app working fine. new app not work .

As @Nivesh told contact fb support team.

This is not Any issue from niotron side,the ads are properly showing for apps published on play store with latest sdk. Contact Facebook for your issue.

check the app on another smartphone bcz fb now not showing the ads on ur acc.

i am chek the application , my old app working fine only this new app didn’t show ads.

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Please Tell Me if you Found Solution of This issue.

My old working fine. only This New App is not work.

New rule is come about 1 month ago so please try in other smartphone

You have made your new app in the month of June for which facebook bidding is mandatory. So, integrate bidding to display ads in your app.

Q. Why older apps are displaying ads then?

Facebook has also given a deadline of 1st November 2021 for older apps to integrate bidding, After that, the ads will no longer be served on those apps too. For more information about these changes, you can visit your Facebook bidding dashboard.

Note that, Bidding is mandatory for all new and old apps so if you are making a new app or updating an older one, then use the Facebook ads adapter component to integrate bidding.


I have try this many other smart phones. but problam same.this is niotron issue. no other.

Lol i didn’t faced any issue so I can say that the problem is in niotron…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Then why old application working fine . this new one creat problam.

The timeline for publishers to migrate their current iOS apps to bidding remains March 31, 2021, as previously communicated.

For new apps onboarding to Audience Network, bidding will become the default way to monetize beginning with iOS apps on March 1, 2021 and Android apps on May 31, 2021.