Anyone Give Me Device ID Aix

Hello Team Plz Give Me Device ID Aix because mujhe one time login apk bana na he…or niotron Device ID options nahi hai plz help
Block Images(if Any)

AIA OR APK(if Any)

You should be able to use DeviceID block now in DeviceInfo Component, it have been changed and it works in every android version.

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There is component called deviceinfo use that.

And before asking once search in community. I already answered this question. And please don’t user hindi in community. :niotron:

But I am try To Store Device ID - Firebase Project bucket …But Not Working why … device ID not store

It won’t work on android 10

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Show your blocks and also have you used firebase core


Your android version??? @HIDDEN_Devloper


Android 11 plz give me solution

No way to get device id. It’s restricted by android.

Wait what ?:face_with_monocle: Really Let me try something :wink::slightly_smiling_face:

The device ID block would work everywhere, it was replaced in last patch and a different block was added for IMEI, so device id should work.

It’s giving device id in my Device with android 10.