ANY VPN/Proxy Extensions

Hi Community,

I am looking for good ways to block VPN/Proxy connections for our app. Is there any good extension to do it ?

There are 3 extensions that verify VPN connections that you can use:
1- Deephost (In their app you can find it)
2- Jewel (Developer not very reliable)
3- Nisarga_Adhikary (Developer)

In my opinion I recommend the last one, I leave you the link " [FREE] VpnChecker - Detect If User Is Using VPN - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community "

@Jewel = Scammer :slightly_smiling_face:

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@MakeMoneyOnline Niotron Network Tools


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Already saw that in Network Tools but want to avoid it, as Dev. Console is reporting constant crashes from that component

Tested the third one, works great. Also what should I put for normal procedure when VPN is false. No message, nothing is needed