AIX Docs - Create Docs Of Your Extension Very Easily For Any Platform

Currently i don’t have any! I’ll try to resolve this issue

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Ok, Thank You

Best of Luck
It would be helpful to many…

Where is The repository

It’s private so i didn’t added the link there…

Okay But down it written creative common license got confused


The issue is now fixed. I removed the limitation of more than 5 blocks and added an option to download docs (Using FileSaver for this ) as a ZIP file (Using JsZip to compose it on the client size) which will contain all blocks screenshots and the complete post. Also if an extension has less than 5 blocks then it’ll show an option to copy to the clipboard too.

So just open the zip and CopyPaste the Community Post and Blocks Screenshots.

Thanks for pointing out this issue

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Thank You So Much
Very Glad to hear this from you.
But Now it is a little hard to use.

Your Welcome.

Dear Sir

This link is invalid.

Your website doesn’t work for me

@MahmoudHooda cttricks’s website is not working for some reason.

Please try to make your project from scratch