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Now create and host the documentation of your extension without writing a single line of description. Just upload your extension and it’ll be written in few seconds also the link will be there to share it in any app developer’s community.

As every extension developer faces a common problem of writing docs on each devs community and attaching blocks screenshots according to that. So here you can generate the link to your extensions docs with complete documentation in one click.


From AIX-Docs users can easily take a detailed look and understand the working of your extension. Especially to the inputs and output of Methods, Events, and Properties Blocks.


On top of that., if you want to write the docs in any particular app developers community! Simply click on Generate Community Post and the entire docs with details and Blocks screenshot will get copied to your Clipboard. Then you can simply paste it and create a new topic in the community. Also, you can download and report issues if you found any.

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Also big thanks to @Taifun for creating an amazing collection/directory of all extensions published on app devs communities. I have added the link to this extension directory too.

The AIX-Docs is still under development, if you have any queries or suggestions feel free to write in the comments below. And if you like my work and somehow it makes your docs writing easy, do hit that :heart: button.

This is a Personal Project and is not associated with Niotron in Any Way.



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1.Generate Community Post not working
2.Sometimes/some extension’s blocks are not showing
3.You didn’t add Extension Template as extension development ide.

1.Generate Community Post not working

@Sunny_Gupta it works for me. See the html code will be copied to clipboard

Hey, @Sunny_Gupta It would be great if you can share the extension (in PM/DM) so I can check what’s wrong there can fix it.

Currently, it’ll not generate Community Post if there are more than 5 blocks in that extension (coz the html2Canvas take ~600ms to compose 1 image of the block. :sweat_smile: I’ll try to optimize this. )

:no_mouth: Oops… I’m adding it now.


That’s a paid extension so sorry I can’t.
Oops…I have already done. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Lol… I’m neither gonna use it or share. Don’t worry :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


You Could Add Another Option To connect with Domain Using DNS

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Sure I’ll try to do this… thanks for your suggestion

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GameAnalytics extension created by Flag Dz

💡 Current Version 1.0
📁 File Size 208.38 KB
📦 com.proxdz.Ganalytics
📅 Created On 2020-06-25

Method Blocks

Event - Method for Event
event input type text

Start - Method for Start
gamekey input type text
secretkey input type text

This docs is generated from AIX Docs - Cttricks. Hit :heart: button if you liked this extension and feel free to comment below your reviews and suggestion.

Click here to download this extension.

I Tried It Is So Nice


I tried this and I got 500 error while posting my extension here…
This is a screenshot of it

@tanishraj please solve this.

BTW in the title it is written as Easilly please change it.

can you share the link here

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Yeah Sure, Sorry for late…[email protected]

Hmm… interesting! The pots length limit is there and as Generated POST contains images in Base64 image format it is exceeding the limit.

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Is there is there any solution?

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