Ads Components Sdk Version Not Updating

Then problem is that
You are not updating components until some people come and remind you again and again

A person ping you on community on 23rd may for updating the sdk to 6.11 you said it’s coming

Now it’s 21 June you still saying update is coming

Broh 23 may to 21 june
It’s a month your updating still in coming soon :wink::zipper_mouth_face:

A month means we have to again purchase your monitize components for those all sdk

Revenue lost + Money Waste
What a rubbish thing happening

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SDK version 6.11 was released on May 11th and it’s been only about a month now. Using sdk version released just before that shouldn’t affect your revenue in any way.

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@abhijith you providing sdk version 6.8.0 – release date 11 october 2021

sdk version 6.10.0 – Release date 12 april 2022 —> u have not update this version also

sdk version 6.11.0 – Release date 11 May 2022 —> u have not update this version also till now

see this data then revert you already have not provide one sdk version too us now we need this on urgent basis please do this

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Yaar Bhai Jaldi Update karo New App Me Ads Show Nahi horah hai

olds apps ads showing, but not in new