About AIA file

can i use ko.dular aia file in nitron?

Remove some components and you can do but my personal suggestion is made app from scratch .:slightly_smiling_face: This is the best way only .

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You can migrate your AIA Files - cttricks.com/aico

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I personally feel making something from scratch is way better than migrating from other builders. Also, migration causes errors when using components that are not comman between the builders and may create a lot of bugs when trying to import or compile… still if you wish u can use cttricks.com/aico

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This is not working properly , I try and removed all external component . When uploading aia in niotron it’s not loading proper. That’s why

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What’s the error can you share the logs/screenshot?

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Is something like this file contains newer version of niotron waiting this take more time ( and then aia not open show only loading):upside_down_face:

Can you DM me your AIA file

Yes sure I will send soon

its showing error like aia file is not loading in nitron

it showing error like aia file is not completly loading in nitron builder

and after aia file load screen goes blank

there is something broken in the blocks section of your aia on Screen1… can you Dm me your aia

CSK :yellow_heart:

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@tanishraj I am also having the same issue when I try to import the aia from another builder to Niotron there is this same error

If you use aia file of another builder in Niotron directly, this error is inevitable, you have two options

  • Use prject converter Link
  • Make project from scratch (If the issue consists even after converting project)

[quote=“Souvik, post:17, topic:3705”]
Use prject converter [Link

i am getting a this error from this converter only

can you share the Error Log

yeah sure…how to send you a Dm?